ЗА Playray Box / About Playray box
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 We send a portion of every purchase for charity.  Научи повече / Find out more
Nic Bescoby, mother of three: Thank you, Playray Box! I have three incredibly happy children! 

Opening this box was like opening a treasure chest... and the items inside were the BEST treasure ever. I am just overawed by how beautiful this is, how excited the children were to see each part emerge and how much fun they have had playing with it since.

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Емпирина: "Kутията е великолепна - смислена и стойностна! Пожелавам си повече такива продукти за децата ни."

"Препоръчвам Playray Box от сърце на всички родители, които предлагат на децата си естествени материали за игра"

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